Sunday, 22 October 2017

L'Oreal Elvive - Full Restore (5) Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner ♥

I know i say it all the time but bleaching my hair all of the time really doesn't do it any good. I've been bleaching my hair all over for at least the last 8 years so I've managed to find out what does and doesn't work for me in that time frame. I've also found a few staples along the way that i could not do without.

For 'everyday' (but not everyday) hair washing my favourite shampoo and conditioners are always the L'Oreal Elvive range. There are so many to choose from depending what you want to achieve - glossy hair, repairing hair and even one especially made for coloured hair. Personally, i need all the repairing i can get. My hair can get very dry and although i minimise the amount of heat i use on it, it's still prone to looking damaged if I'm not careful.

One of my top two of this range are the L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore (5) Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner which are a godsend. The shampoo easily removes any build up of dirt and products in my hair without making it feel dry or stripped. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling very silky and soft and less damaged. I always leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes minimum concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends as this is where the most damage is. It also helps make my hair look shiny without looking greasy which can be a problem with some products designed to make it logo glossy. I would say, if you are someone with damaged hair whether it be heat damaged or colour damaged, add this into your haircare routine and you should see a difference pretty quickly with the overall quality of your hair!

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