Sunday, 12 November 2017

Favourite Bloggers♥

Something a little different today. i want to shine a spotlight on some of my favourite blogs to read so they can get the recognition they deserve. sometimes the blogging community really can feel isolated but these girls restore my faith in it. So, please give their blogs a read and leave me comments with your favourites too - lets have the most positive blog post of all time.

Sophia Meola - Sophia is such a lovely girl and an amazing blogger. Her posts are always written so i feel like I'm sat in bed with my best friends chatting about anything and everything. She also seems to have perfected the art of the flat lay photo - you go girl. Keep smashing it. 

Gemma - Ever since i started blogging and even before, i have read Gemmas blog. Her posts are always informative and always packed with beautiful taken photos. She is one of the kindest people you will ever speak to too so please give her a read for some very in-depth reviews to find your new favourite products.

Tea Party with Alice -  Well, Alice's writing has made me want to emigrate to Australia. She clearly puts a lot of thought into how she writes and you really get a nice varied bunch of posts with her. Imaginative writing and a genuinely nice person? Winner winner. 

Amy -  I love her fashion posts - love her style. Also a fellow music lover which is a big thing too. I'm not the biggest reader of fashion blogs (as i have next to no style besides 'black everything') but hers give me serious outfit envy. 

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