Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Blogging Goals for 2018! ♥

It's been a hell of year, 2017. I decided to come back to blogging after nearly 2 years off and fell back in love with it and have come back with more drive and determination than ever before. I went back to my favourite city in the world and came back engaged. 2018 i have decided, is going to be my year for blogging.

I'm a little bit of an overly organised person, i love my checklists and my daily planner and i always set myself goals in everything i do to help me track myself and keep pushing myself. My blogging goals for 2o18 are there to help me and please let me know if you have any blogging goals or regular goals for yourself for 2018!

  • work with new brands. I've highlighted a few that i would love to work with including LUSH and New Look but there are countless others too. 
  • continue working with the brands and companies i am already working with. This is a given, i want to carry on those relationships too.
  • keep on top of my blogging schedule, every other day. making sure i am organised and have blog photos taken in advance in case of any problems. 
  • improve my photography. this is a big one for me, looking back through my posts, i am not happy with the photos i had so i am taking steps to improve this skill.
  • branch out to lifestyle as well as beauty. This is a big one for me, i love reading beauty blogs but i do want to add a few more kinds of post to my blog too. to diversify. 
Watch out 2018, I'm coming to get you!

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