Saturday, 9 December 2017

Recipe for a relaxing Christmas Eve Evening ♥

I'll admit, I'm not the most 'Christmassy' of people. I do love Christmas but for me, its mostly a time to sit around with my loved ones playing board games and drinking copious amounts of red wine. But for me, there is nothing better than a cosy night in. So I've planned my Christmas eve night already as we have a lot going on in the day seeing friends and family. We've been looking online at new TV's as we watch a lot of movies so need a great TV (I need to watch Blue Planet in Ultra HD!) and we've got our eye on this one, the Panasonic Oled 4k TV. We can't wait to move house now to treat ourselves to a new entertainment system as the TV is the key to a cosy night in on the sofa!

First of all, its not Christmas Eve without a Christmas movie or two is it? We're going to be watching the Home Alone box set as it's the only Christmas movies we agree on (my favourite is Love Actually and his is Jingle all the way). If we get time, i might try and convince him to watch Nightmare before Christmas with me! This will get us into the Christmas Spirit pretty quick. Add in a couple of fluffy blankets, new pyjamas and a fire on to get us all comfy and cosy. Not to mention, all the festive tea lights we've acquired from our Yankee candle Advent Calendar which smell amazing - especially Macaron Treats and Christmas Garland. We'll also be indulging ourselves with a couple of glasses of mulled wine each and a Chinese takeaway with lots of sweets and hot chocolate to help us chill out before the mayhem of the next day. 

Every family has their own Christmas traditions and this is a new one to us, one we will try and do for as long as possible as at this time of year, spending time with your loved ones is priceless.  ♥ 

*this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Home Alone is such a cosy film - it will never get old!
    Amber |


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