Saturday, 13 January 2018

Lets get to know each other a little bit ♥

Sometimes it seems that with the little bio's we see on everyones Twitter, Instagram and blogs we know a little about that person. But sometimes, it's a little hard to sum yourself up in so little words - what is the best things to focus on? 

I'm Rosie and I'm 23 years old currently. I live in England and I'm definitely a morning person, not a night owl. My favourite season is Summer and i hate being cold, rain and not seeing blue skies. I talk really fast all the time because i get so over excited. My favourite bands of all time are Motley Crue, Mayday Parade and I See Stars. I love watching movies but at home, I'm pretty much reading every moment i am awake. 

I am physically incapable of having a lie in despite loving my sleep a lot. I have a really dark sense of humour and no filter whatsoever. My favourite movies are Silence of the Lambs, Lord of the Rings and Labyrinth. As a kid, i wanted to be a Marine Biologist after watching Jaws for the first time at age 6 (thanks to my older brother) and didn't eat fish until i was 18 because of this. I like spicy food and anything with carbs in it. I'd choose cheese over chocolate every time. 

I'm quite an emotional person and constantly worry about every little thing. I like my music loud as possible and my favourite kind of night out is watching live music.



  1. Hi Rosie, nice to meet you 😉
    I’m an emotional person and love watching live music too!

    1. glad it isn't just me then! :-)

      whats your favourite act you've seen live? xo

  2. Love posts where you get to know the blogger more. I can’t choose between cheese and chocolate so I’d have both. Cheese followed by chocolate. Yum.

    1. thats my normal answer - but i don't think i could live in a world without cheese!!!


  3. This is a great post idea, especially for our readers! xx


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