Monday, 22 January 2018

My Piercing Journey ♥

A bit of a different one today, i thought I'd speak about my life in regards to piercings. As a teenager, i was one of the 'alternative' kids who loved heavy music and tattoos and piercings (guess who hasn't changed in 10 years). Over the last 9/10 years I've been pierced over 40 times but i do currently only have 5 piercings in right now. I'm always talking about the urge to have another, as i do genuinely love piercings.

My first piercing (like most others) was my ear lobes when i was around 7 or 8. Through secondary school i really wanted more piercings but my school didn't allow any except one stud in each ear lobe. At 14, i had a second piercing in each lobe done (unfortunately, not professionally which i will always say is a bad idea). After that, it became a very common thing. I had my nose done a week before my 16th birthday - I've now had my nose done over 5 times as i kept changing the side i wanted it on. I even had both sides done at once for a few months, which i really liked, until i got a cold and realised it wasn't the most practical. 

For me, I've never really had much problem with the 'pain' of piercings (and later tattoos). Also, i am quite lucky that I've always healed remarkably quick too. The worst for healing for me, was a helix piercing in my right ear which took over a year to heal as it had been pierced incorrectly and was always aggravated. I still have my ear stretched to 16mm currently, which I've had for over 7 years now - I've let it heal then gone back up again. I debate getting rid of it, but i think i would really miss it if i did. 

There are always more piercings i want, I've been loving the look of Septum piercings for a long time and try some more surface piercings! 

So for a little list, here is all the places I've had pierced over the last 10 years: Lobe x4, cartilage, nose x5, monroe x3, bottom lip, smiley, nipple, belly button, bottom belly button, hip surface piercings, tongue.

Would you like to see a similar post about tattoos?

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